Facilities available at Indore India Eye Care

Facilities available at Indore India Eye Care

. Facilities available at Indore India Eye Care for diagnosis and treatment of cataract

(1)A-SCAN Machine {MMD(micro medical devices)}[USA] Advantage:- Easy immersion technique (Sitting Immersion)

(2)Topcon micro scope (From JAPAN) ( add Details about machine)

(3)White star Sovereign compact cold Phaco system (From J& J { USA}) ( add Details about machine).

Rights and Responsibilities

At Indore India Eye Care, we regard each of our patients as our associate. We educate him/ her about medical care, value every patient's exclusive needs and cater to them with personalized, innovative care. We strictly and willingly follow patient's rights with mutual co-operation and satisfaction of patients and our staff. We regard this as our key responsibility. For the benefit of us all, we would like you to have the following rights.

  • To know the name, identity and professional status of all Indore India Eye Care service providers including the physician who has attended you
  • To receive latest and through updates regarding your diagnosis, treatment and prognosis via easily understandable communication.
  • To have access to all your medical details through your consultant
  • To have complete information about your proposed procedure, drugs on treatment, possible benefits, side effects if any, known risks or limitations, costs involved, recovery and related issues, likelihood of success and alternative procedures or treatments, if any.
  • To be informed of any hospital policies, procedures, rules regulations applicable to your treatments.
  • To accept or refuse any procedures, drugs or treatment and be informed about its consequences.
  • To have your privacy intact; maintain your consultation, examination, treatment and communication records confidential.
  • To be given supportive care including pain management, treatment of symptoms, mental and spiritual needs, even in case of terminal illness.
  • To help you in getting consultation from another physician, however at your own cost.
  • To request consultation with the Hospital Ethics Committee regarding ethical issues of your care.
  • To be transferred to another facility at your request or when medically appropriate and legally permissible, you have a right to be given a complete explanation concerning the need for and alternatives to such a transfer. The facility to which you will be transferred must first accept you as patient.
  • To know if your care involves research or experimental method of treatment and that you have the right to consent or refuse to participate in the same.
  • To voice your complaints, to have them reviewed and resolved without any fear or penalty. You have the right to be informed of the response to your complaints.
  • To expect reasonable continuity of care and be informed by care providers of realistic patient care options when hospital care is no longer appropriate. You are a part of the discharge planning process.
  • To examine your bill and receive an explanation of the charges regardless of the source of payment.